Transportation of the World’s Second Largest Reactor in Shuaiba Refinery, 2006

Kuwait National Petroleum Company were in a process of construction of a new Tail Gas Treating Unit to reduce the sulphur emission from its two sulphur producing units of Shuaiba Refinery.

For this, they needed to employ a huge vertical Reactor which would convert sulphur rich gases like sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphur into sulphur and water with the presence of a catalyst.The Reactor was the second largest ever installed in the world and biggest ever made in the Gulf countries, with the dimensions of 9.6 M Diameter, Height 51 M and weight 630 Tonnes.

It is a matter of pride for GHHL that the Reactor was successfully transported and installed on the site with the help of multiple axle lines of hydraulic platform trailers, also known as SPMT’s (Self Propelled Modular Trailers) and Heavy Duty cranes from GHHL.

The above achievement would not have been possible without the help of local administrators viz. Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Energy and Kuwait Oil Company. GHHL congratulates all other personnel who were involved in this successful endeavour.

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