Jeddah New Airport 2017

Project: Jeddah New Airport.

Owner: GACA.

Client: SCPI/Al Mabani.

Location: Saudi Arabia, Jeddah.

Year: 2017.

Equipment: Demag CC 8800 crane (1200 ton) crawler crane.

GHHL was contracted to install 50 concrete girders at the roof-top of Railroad tunnel, which is leading to the New Jeddah Airport building.

Girders are vary from 25 to 45 meter in length and 100 to 150 ton in weight.

In collaboration with Client, SCPI, lifting points and device were designed, overall work plan was created taking to account specific of work location.

GHHL’s CC 8800 crane was located and work between 2 main takeoff and landing ways, with distance to landing aircraft less than 200 meter. Special warning light system was installed to crane’s boom to enhance pilots’ awareness during night time.

The projects was successfully completed in 1.5 month, the heavy lifts were performed to the Radius of 72 meter.

The main challenges was big working radius and tight work schedule.

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