is a company operating since 1983, and is the market leader in the heavy transportation and lifting industry in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. Today it owns over 300 axle lines of hydraulic modular platform trailers including self propelled modular trailers and cranes upto the lifting capacity of 2000t in addition to other lifting and heavy haulage equipment.

Regardless of the terrain, GHHL has the experience and equipment to devise the best solution for transporting a large variety of structures, materials, and equipment. GHHL is equipped to handle heavy loads over public roadways, or through congested work zones using specialized trailers and other transport systems.

We engineer the move, identify the best suited equipment, and manage all the logistics and jurisdictional load restrictions. We work closely with authorities from within the countries to allow for routing of equipment through major thoroughfares in congested urban areas to achieve the shortest possible execution time.

GHHL covers the vast stretch of landmass from Red Sea in the west to Arabian Gulf in the East, with its well-organized operational offices across the Kingdom and its head office being located in Dammam. With these infrastructures, GHHL can serve all G.C.C. and Middle East countries.

Our Mission & Vision

GHHL endeavors to provide highest international standards of heavy erection and equipment handling solutions to our customers in the most economical and safest manner. There by taking over the responsibility of the heavy equipment handling from our valued customers.

GHHL has the technical capabilities to accede suitably to its client's requirement of complete turnkey services of cargo handling from the Ship to the foundation i.e. taking direct delivery, providing custom clearance, transportation and lifting onto the final foundation.


At GHHL we believe that the following values should
dictate our business behavior and decisions at all times.

  • Human Resource

    GHHL believes that the objectives of the company can only be met by having good quality and dedicated human resource with it. GHHL has a policy of working as a team with all its employees and giving full opportunity to them for their personal and professional development.

  • Customer

    At GHHL we strive for the excellence in providing the best professional service to our customer to win the maximum customer satisfaction. We will always try to execute the projects in a manner that the overall objective of the project - timely completion in the most economical and safe manner - is maintained.

  • Environmental Policy

    Within the Heavy Erection and Heavy Transport Industry we at GHHL are fully aware of the impact this can have on the environment and the World we live in. It is therefore the policy of GHHL, to work within and improve on wherever possible in a safe and Environmentally Friendly Manner of all operations and follow the latest environmental norms as and when updated.

Our clients