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GHHL recognizes that Occupational Health and Safety hazards and risks are always associated with its activities and operations thus; it has decided to implement an integrated management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental matters are our first priority and whilst productivity and cost are core business values.

At GHHL, we are committed to a Full Compliance Culture, giving health, safety and environmental matters the highest priority in all of our activities, and which we managed through our comprehensive Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE) Management System. We recognize that QHSE is a fundamental and integral part of everyday business and this is continually communicated to all employees through internal training programmes. We believe that our internal and external training programmes are the key to providing the continuous improvement we seek and strive for, in our effort to achieve ZERO accidents or incidents.

One of GHHL’s attributing factor on its success, is the persistent motivation of its employees towards providing complete customer satisfaction by executing jobs with due professionalism within the required timeframe and in the safest manner.

Undertaking our activities goes along with high responsibility, competency and professionalism, so in order to realize our commitment and maintain our leadership position in this business we’ve established a structure that includes all the organization’s activities and describes the processes including the aspects of Safety, Health and Quality.

Our policy is established on the following items:
  • We operate our workplaces to comply with Safety, Security, Health & Quality applicable local and global regulations, and with the policies of our group using best practice as a guideline.
  • We’ll ensure that the risk associated with our activities and services to employees and other interested parties, surroundings and the information and goods entrusted to us are known and controlled in a responsible manner.
  • We’ll maintain the best possible Health and Safety performance, and in order to achieve this Standard, prevent occupational injuries, illnesses and pollution.
  • We’ll establish, implement and maintain a framework to measure our QHS objectives and targets and to ensure the continual improvement of our QHS program and Documented Management System.
  • We will review our policy periodically to ensure its adequacy and suitability and we’ll communicate this policy to all employees and interested parties.
  • We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and its part of our policy to ensure that everyone is aware of his vital role for the continual development of their welfare within our company by participating in our periodic scheduled training programs.
  • Employees, stakeholders, neighbors and those who work with us are encouraged to participate and discuss concerns in a transparent way and to take part in the continuous improvement programs through the available communication methods.

This policy can and will be further supplemented by individual policy documents on the subjects of Safety, Security, Health & Quality if this is relevant in relation to additional standards or system requirements.

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