GHHL was assigned a task of transporting Generator-stator (360 ton) along with it’s 6 components from Yanbu Industrial Port to the Yanbu 3 SWCC project. Components involved:

  • Generator-stator
  • Generator-rotor
  • HP-turbine
  • IP-turbine
  • LP outer casing/lower part
  • LP outer casing/upper part
  • LP shaft bladed
  All 7 units were delivered to Yanbu Industrial port by the Ocean freight vessel. After taking berth and completing Customs and other formalities, units were lifted and unloaded by Vessel mounted crane(s), later the units were loaded and positioned on to GHHL trailers. After performing the Route survey, it was found that units with weight up to 102 ton were feasible to transport via main highway from Yanbu to Jeddah, and Generator-stator will require use of Yanbu By-pass road and construction of additional by-passes was required to avoid bridges, culverts and underground facilities. By-pass route was constructed by GHHL in accordance with Goldhofer trailer specifications and footprints, considering the road dimensions, turning points, highway crossing and slopes. Transportation and unloading was done ensuring that the process was in accordance with current procedures and policies; Regular tool box meetings and safety checks were performed in order to clarify scope of work and importance of work as per high HSE standards; Regular equipment check-outs, including the lashing performance, were conducted to ensure good technical condition and readiness to work; Escort vehicles with flashing alarm were arranged to inform other traffic members about oversize/overweight cargo transportation; Additional escort from Yanbu Traffic Police station was requested to enhance safety awareness.

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